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Directions to the Farm

Directions to the Farm: Biolley, Costa Rica is near San Vito (small city) and very close to the Panamanian border, close to the volcano in Boquete (Panama) and some of the most beautiful beaches in Panama and Costa Rica on the Pacific and Caribbean! Our farm is located in Biolley. The GPS coordinates are:  Latitude: 9.031210  Longitude: -83.055439  Latitude: 9 degrees 1 Minute 52.3554 Seconds…..Longitude: -83 degrees 1 Minute 19.5804 Seconds

Below, you’ll find two sets of maps and photos that show the off road into the farm. Please view both maps and take notes of landmarks into the farm by viewing our picture gallery located below the maps. You will find it easily if you study the maps and very explicit off road instructions.

1st Map

The first map shows a route strictly from San Isidro North on Hwy. 2 to Finca Lilo

View San Isidro to Finca Lilo de Biolley in a larger map

2nd Map

This map shows both routes from the coastal route Hwy. connecting back to the Hwy. 2 and over to Paso Real and heading south on Hwy. 2 from San Isidro. Both routes take you to Paso Real where you turn off onto Hwy. 237.

Another map to Biolley below: This map shows more labeled areas.

The green line drawn from San Isidro de General (in the north) shows the route from the north to south. The green line (in the west) shows the coastal route. The line from the coastal route goes back inland again at  Palmar Norte.  The turn off to Hwy. 237 is at Paso Real (from either route). The line in from  Las Tablas off of Hwy. 237 shows routes to Biolley and La Amistad International Park southern zone entrance to Altamira/Biolley.   To get to Biolley and the farm, at the  Tablas  turn off, head in until you see a “Y” or fork in the road (near the fruit stand) veer to the left. Stay on that road until you get to Biolley from the Hwy. At Las Tablas we are 14 klms. to the farm, or 8 miles. This is off road so a 4X4 is best.  The red arrow points directly at Biolley.

Picture Gallery of the off road into Biolley

Please see the gallery below for off road details where you make the turn at Las Tablas going in 14 klm. off road off the asphalt of Hwy 237.  Click on the photo once and it will take you to a different page. Click on the photo again on the separate page to to see it larger. This detailed photo gallery shows landmarks and distances to easily get  to the farm.  In addition, if you just remember it is about 14 klm in off road and that you will stay on the MAIN road and take all left turns (except where the road itself takes a sharp right) you will easily find our place.  When you arrive to the AyA sign it is like a little round about that is Biolley you need to take a left.  You will pass the Biolley school, about 200 meters from there the first road on the left (the school will be on your right) is our road.