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Mornings in May-Afternoons too!

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Happy May Day!

Happy May Day! May is a transition month from the dry season to the green season. We enjoy sunny mornings most of the time until about 11 or 12 in the afternoon, then it clouds up and by 2PM it’s raining, everything cools off and by nightfall the rains have dissipated.

Here’s a few views around the farm in the morning today:


Morning view on the first morning in May, one of my favorite months of the year. The green season has begun in full force. We use the pool year round and it’s naturally heated by the bright morning sun as well as protected heat by cloud cover later in the day before the rains settle in. 


A walk in the morning heading down to the cabins from the main house. The Norfolk pine along the path reaches high in the morning sky.


A morning view from the Talamanca cabin, named for the Talamanca mountain range in the background, home to the largest rainforest park in Central America, La Amistad International Park that stretches through the southern zone of Costa Rica and into the Chiriqui region of Panama.

IMG_0966 Another view from the Talamanca cabin, I call the sunrise cabin.

Here’s a few views around the farm in the afternoon today:


The sky changes and the green tones change along with it. Heavy precipitation takes place in the afternoons. The air cools off and the plants enjoy a nice drink after a sunny morning. Perfect for planting and landscaping! We are busy doing just that……


After heavy rains and as the afternoon draws nearer to early evening, the fog rolls through the valleys and river canyons until it makes it’s final destination to the mountains.

Green Season cloudy skies

 Nothing like a good rain shower to beautify the place even more. The green season and May…..Sun in the morning and rain in the afternoon, what a combination worthy of praise. This is big sky country, a tropical rainforest teaming with life,  a place to revel in all it’s glory and beauty.  Happy May Days to you, dear readers. May your days be filled with lovely combinations that remind us of the glorious and beautiful forces that surround us daily wherever we may be!

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