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Organic Commerical Crops
agro tourism

Organic Commerical Crops

Filed in Around the Farm by on July 31, 2015 2 Comments • views: 2399

Costa Rica is in the green season now and  the workers at Finca Lilo have just finished planting four thousand new coffee plants and are harvesting Persian limes. The coffee harvest season is just about to begin along with rambutan season. Bananas harvest year round. During the dry season we harvest turmeric. Come for a tour during our […]


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Brunka Indigenous live up in the clouds
Boruca Village

Brunka Indigenous live up in the clouds

Filed in Adventures, Brunka Indigenous by on July 14, 2015 0 Comments • views: 3880

We have neighbors across the way near the coastal mountains that are the Brunka Indigenous and their village or “pueblo” is called Boruca. We work with a women’s group there from time to time and encourage people to visit the village to purchase some cool masks and handmade woven goods. All the weaving is expertly […]


Flowers, Fragrance and Food
farm life

Flowers, Fragrance and Food

Filed in Food by on June 18, 2015 0 Comments • views: 3568

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. Flowers in our vegetable garden are a double delight. Such loveliness to enjoy visually, fragrance and food! Amaranth cereal flower growing in the vegetable garden. Sunflowers in the vegetable garden. Passion flower (pasaflora) in the vegetable garden. Thyme in the vegetable garden. Achote used to color food. […]


Pura Vida from Sunrise to Sunset

Filed in Featured Video by on May 27, 2015 0 Comments • views: 2589

Rice and Beans views: 1015

Colorful “beans” all from the same bush. These taste like pigeon peas and I think that’s what they are. We grow these on the farm, they are delicious and pack a powerful punch! Our worker and his boys help whack  black beans from dried plants. After the husks have been whacked, the beans are put […]

Along the River Banks views: 2141

The Earth laughs in flowers! With each passing season we enjoy laughter from the Earth. The different seasons bring different flowers to the plants and trees around the farm. The  river, Rio Platanillal flows through the farm and the banks of the river are left untouched in a park like setting and jungle canopy. My husband […]

River Time views: 1408

A good river is nature’s life work in a song. The Rio Platanillal flows through the farm. In our little crook of the river we enjoy three waterfalls, four great swimming holes and all in a park like setting. The river is a spectacular place to swim, enjoy nature and marvel in all its splendor.

Grateful for Gardens views: 1301

There is no such thing as bad weather on the farm, there’s only kinds of good weather. The “green season” brings heavier rains mixed with sunshine almost daily. Rain and sun bring on vibrant colors and plenty of green.  “Is the spring coming?” he said. “What is it like?”…”It is the sun shining on the rain and the […]